One Health: The 'Other' Universal Healthcare

Pathogens don’t recognize national borders, heed socioeconomic distinctions or cower in the face of certain medical specialties, so why should disease- fighters compartmentalize their response to such threats?

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That question lies at the heart of “One Health,” a burgeoning movement dedicated to the notion that physicians, veterinarians and environmental scientists must work together — locally, nationally and internationally — to stand any chance of protecting the world’s inhabitants from a seemingly unending barrage of existential dangers, including emerging diseases.

The attached white paper, One Health: The ‘Other’ Universal Healthcare, examines why the One Health concept has become so essential to humanity’s survival — and why, nevertheless, some healthcare professionals have been slow to embrace it. The analysis features Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges President Michael D. Lairmore, DVM, PhD, dean of the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine since 2011.

A second attachment highlights some of the insights Dr. Lairmore shared in a just-released edition of the higher-education podcast Innovators.

If you prefer not to download attachments, you may access the documents via these links: One Health: The ‘Other’ Universal Healthcare and Innovators: Dean Michael Lairmore. You also can click here to listen to the Innovators podcast featuring Dr. Lairmore.




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