Harris Search Associates announces pilot program AcademicSource 

- a strategic platform for the recruitment of intermediate level administration, faculty and staff.

Executive Summary - Harris Search Associates

Harris Search Associates, an IIC Partners member firm, is a leading executive search and board advisory firm in the field of higher education, research, and academic medicine with 52 offices in 34 countries worldwide.  Our practice is focused on identifying and attracting leaders to support the growth of clients in the areas of research, science, engineering, technology, and academic medicine, and the other health sciences.  Clients include the foremost universities, research parks, institutes, academic medical centers, and commercial organizations driving global innovation and discovery.  Based in Columbus Ohio, we have regional offices in Dallas and San Francisco.

Our higher education and academic medicine search practices are highly regarded placing senior academic administrators globally.  We are regularly engaged to conduct search assignments that include the identification of the next President, Provost, Chancellor, Dean, Vice President, and other high level academic executives.  

The background and case for an alternative platform offering

Over the last several years, and with increasing frequency, client institutions have lamented the challenges of identifying and recruiting the next generation of faculty leadership and staff in a strategic, cost-effective manner.  These are typically associated with positions that would historically not be budgeted internally to engage a search firm or pay a full search fee, but are vitally important in their own right to a college or department.  Positions might include Assistant/Associate Deans, Chairs, faculty hires to raise the profile of a particular program, to start a new center or institute, or as part of a cluster-hire initiative.  Or, they might be staff or administrative roles in areas such as in research offices, research compliance, human subjects protection, in finance, education or technology, etc.

 A potential solution:  AcademicSource – a Harris Search Associates pilot program 

In response to the challenges outlined above, and after consultation with a number of our longstanding clients, we are piloting the following program – AcademicSource – a hybrid, strategic research, sourcing, and recruitment platform that unbundles some aspects of a comprehensive executive search.  

This offering will include a clearly outlined process distinguished from our core search practice with defined deliverables and timelines.  The platform is not a substitute for our comprehensive search process associated with the successful recruitment of Presidents, Provosts, Deans, and Vice Presidents, but will assist select institutions in a cost-effective manner to ensure that robust, diverse pools of intermediate level leadership and subject-matter expert candidates are actively recruited and initially vetted for institutional fit.  

The platform will include the strategic research, sourcing and recruitment of target pools for specific positions on a defined project basis or may include an on-going retainer-based approach to develop pools of cluster hires. 

for more information on AcademicSource - click on the pdf icon to download the whitepaper



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