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Words Unwritten The a oeOutsourcinga of American Innovation and Discovery - Harris Search Associates

Words Unwritten:  The “Outsourcing” of American Innovation and Discovery?

from Committee on Research Universities; Board on Higher Education and Workforce; National Research Council.

Publication of RESEARCH UNIVERSITIES AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA:  TEN BREAKTHROUGH ACTIONS VITAL TO OUR NATION’S PROSPERITY AND SECURITY is notable for the breadth, precision and interrelationship of the recommendations for action by all of the stakeholders – research universities, business and industry, and state and federal governments. 

But what causes the study to resonate powerfully is what is not stated explicitly; namely, that the US is at risk of seeing innovation and discovery – the drivers of 21st century prosperity and security – “outsourced” to other nations’ research universities that have benefitted from national strategies for the development of those institutions.  As painful as was the loss of textiles and the exporting of assembly operations to developing countries, far more challenging for the US is the prospect of having to rely increasingly on the discovery and innovation done elsewhere by the research universities of other countries.

Print copies of the report are for sale and digital copies can be downloaded for free at


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