Our Approach

Fundamentally, our preferred approach will be to design an inclusive, transparent search process based upon the unique needs of each client, our shared understanding of the challenge, and with a successful outcome distinctly tied to agreed-upon deliverables. In every search, we aim to match the mission of the institution and have developed a comprehensive, disciplined approach distinguished from our competitors.

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As a brief summary, our process and outcomes will include the following:

  • A process that assists the institution to define its understanding of the new senior academic administrator’s essential qualities and build consensus on which skills and experience are truly required;
  • A comprehensive search recruitment process “owned” by the search committee that blends efficiency, confidentiality, and inclusiveness to remove much of the “homework” off the shoulders of the members throughout the process allowing the search committee/department to focus on its core expertise – assessing the diverse pool of vetted candidates and “selling/marketing” the institution to those invited to interview;
  • A strategy that sends a message to the market that each client is strictly committed to attracting the strongest pool of candidates in a manner that distinguishes the institution and safeguards the appropriate discretion of each candidate, as appropriate;
  • An opportunity for each client to become a market leader in the strategic recruitment of the strongest academic administration leadership while elevating the institution’s reputation nationally and securing it as a first-choice employer for future candidates;
  • Providing each client with the benefit of continually updated, peer institution, competitive intelligence – nationally and internationally – contributing to future opportunity toward development of enterprise-wide plans around talent acquisition, development, and succession planning to ensure institutional competitiveness.